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1 month ago

Philippine Recruitment Agencies with Job Opening Abroad for Caregivers

I've made a listing of the agencies concentrating on this field of specialization. These agencies regularly hire new caregivers to other countries and if you or your friends are interested, this post wll be very useful.


POEA License No. 219-LB-092607-R

G/F Concept Bldg., 3450 Florida St., Makati City

Tel. No. 5567970, 5567015


Manila Resource is currently hiring 50 carers for the United Kingdom. The applicant has to be a licensed nurse/underboard nurse or graduates of any medical allied course or any 4 year course with Caregiver's course. He/she has to have at least 1 More Help year work experience and can speak good English. for more information, you can get more details HERE.


POEA License No. : POEA-127-LB-100206-R

Address : 1641-A Dian St.,Brgy.San Isidro Makati City Metro Manila

Tel.No. : (632) 888-4295

Tenshin Placement Services, Inc. is currently hiring live-in caregivers for Denmark. The applicant has to be 20-27 years old and should have completed at least 6 months caregiver training. Applicants with or without experience can apply. He or she must be willing to undergo training of Danish Cultures and Languages. For more details of this vacancy and other vacancies at Tenshin Services, CLICK HERE.

International Job Recruitment Agency, Inc.

POEA License No. : POEA-023-LB-012108-R

Address : 21st Floor Washington Tower Pacific Ave. Asia World City Paranaque City Metro Manila

Tel.No. : 301-1090 loc 7403

Website :

There is an urgent need of 20 caregivers for United Kingdom at International Job Recruitment Agency. The applicant has to be female, 20-40 years old and must have completed at least a vocational or six months caregiving course. Those with or without experience can apply. This job vacancy will run until May 27, 2009. The agency conducts assessments for interested applicants on Mondays to Fridays at 8am and 1pm. For more information, visit their site at Look for the guide and sample resume format. Download it and submit your resume to Please indicate the position that you are applying for in your subject. For more information, you can get more details about advice this vacancy HERE.

2 months ago

Street Fighter Juri Statue Looks Very Uncomfortable

Street Fighter Juri Statue Looks Very Uncomfortable

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3 months ago

Military Wife Expresses Heartfelt Gratitude to Furnace Repair Man

A mother of two boys was touched by a selfless act of kindness when her local repair man fixed her furnace repair furnace free of charge.

Bridget Stevens returned to her Pittsburgh-area home earlier this month and realized her furnace was not functioning.

Stevens' story, which she shared on Facebook, has now gone viral.

Stevens texted her husband, Bobby, who is deployed overseas with the National Guard. When Bobby couldn't figure out what to do, she called Betlyn Heating and Cooling in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. Owner Paul Betlyn immediately came to the rescue.

Bridget and Bobby Stevens of Pennsylvania with their two sons.

Betlyn, who has been in the business for more than 30 years, fixed the furnace quickly. Although the repair normally would have cost approximately $150, Betlyn said he decided to do the job without charging Stevens. He wrote on her bill, which came up to $1, that she received a "deployment discount."

In her post, Stevens hvac repair and installation noted, "[Betlyn] said that the $1 was a joke and air conditioning service to thank my husband for his service."

"I was completely overwhelmed and in shock when Paul handed me the slip," Stevens told ABC News. "I didn't really know what to say, and I still have a hard time hvac calculation finding the words to truly express my appreciation."

Betlyn, 65, told ABC News his late grandfather, who is also named Paul, taught him about the importance of helping others and giving back to the community.

"My grandfather was a milkman during the Great Depression and many times he'd go to the door and the woman didn't have any money for milk. But the baby was crying in the background. So he'd put the milk on the table," he explained. "And when I heard about Bridget with her husband being deployed...I put the milk on the table."

Betlyn insisted that what he did was nothing special. "I'm not the hero here. The deployed, they're the heroes," he clarified.

3 months ago

Once Again, Changes May Be Coming For Illinois DUI Laws

Under legislation sponsored by Illinois State Representative Kevin Joyce (D-Worth) and Senator Chris Lauzen (R-Aurora), operating a snowmobile or watercraft while intoxicated will have the same consequences as driving an automobile while under the influence of alcohol.

SB 2248 (as amended by House Amendment 1) will subject snowmobile and watercraft operators to the Illinois .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit currently applied to motor vehicle drivers in determining intoxication. Snowmobilers and watercraft operators found guilty of driving while intoxicated will face hiring a drunk driving attorney the same penalt

3 months ago

REIT and Real Estate Mutual Funds Profile – Adelante by Robert Shumake

As you consider your real estate mutual fund and REIT investments, it is important to take a closer look at many of the offerings out there. This article will focus on Adelante U.S. Real Estate Secs Y (LLUYX).

Fund Profile

Adelante U.S. Real Estate Secs Y is a mutual fund that is specialized in the U.S. real estate market. Within the fund are a variety of domestic real estate stock holdings that tend to be focused more in the medium size range and are considered strong value assets.

Fund Performance and Rating

When it comes to an overall look at Adelante, it has always preformed in the average to above average range, performing in the top 10 in its category in February. While some wonder if average to above average is good enough, in trying times those that stay at a strong base level or above are the kinds of mutual funds, stocks and other stock market offerings you should be taking a closer look at. After all, there is not much more trying on real estate, and the other markets, than the type of economy we are dealing with right now. Those real estate mutual funds, REITS, stocks and other investments that can hold their own and keep their head above water, while so many others are failing, are the kind of investments you want to be keeping on your side.

Where Does it Invest?

When it comes to deciding which items to put into Adelante U.S. Real Estate Secs Y, the mutual fund manager and company have a simple philosophy. They look for those companies that are currently trading far below what they should be. It always happens that there are dips in the price of any company and this is what the Adelante U.S. Real Estate Secs Y looks for. They scoop up the stocks of these real estate investments when they are at a low, so the stockholders can enjoy being a part of the increase in profit as the stocks return to the higher levels where they should have been all along.

How Does It Choose Investments?

Another thing Adelante U.S. Real Estate Secs Y looks for in their stock, bond and other investment options is for a strong management team. They understand that even the best real estate ventures can fail if those managing the real estate don't know what they are doing. So, in addition to looking for a good value, they also look for a strong team running those investments.

What's in the Portfolio?

Among some of the well-known investments in the portfolio are Simon Property Group, Equity Residential and Nationwide Health Properties, Inc.

Adding to your Portfolio

When purchasing these types of investments, it is vital that you choose a company that knows real estate. This is where comes in. is the only online brokerage that specializes in REITs and real estate mutual funds, letting you have all the ease of using a big online brokerage, while having the specialized news, research and assistance for the type of investment you are buying. It's truly the best of all worlds.